Florida Traffic Ticket Costs and Penalty Points

When driving in Florida, learning about the wide range of traffic violations and the associated fines and consequences is crucial.

Traffic violations in Florida are classified into categories and severity levels: from non-moving infractions, like parking violations, to moving violations that may endanger life or property, such as speeding or running a red light.

Each traffic offense in Florida comes with a monetary fine, but it could also add points to your driving record. Accumulating too many points can lead to license suspension, an increase in insurance premiums, or even the cancellation of your driving privileges.

How long can a driver’s license be suspended in Florida?

If a driver accumulates 12 or more points within a 12-month period, their license can be suspended For 30 days in Florida. Not only that if you accumulate 18 points within 18 months then there will be 3-month suspension and for 24 points within 36 months there will be a 1-year driving license suspension.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor in Florida, staying informed about traffic rules and the corresponding consequences ensures smoother travel on the Sunshine State’s roads.

Here is a list of different types of traffic violations and their impact on a driver’s license.

Violation TypeFine Range (USD)License Points
Moving Violations
Speeding$50 – $2003 – 4
Running Red Light/Stop Sign$75 – $2503 – 4
Tailgating$70 – $2003
Improper Lane Change$70 – $1503
DUI (Driving Under the Influence)$500 – $2,000+6
Reckless Driving$25 – $5004
Careless Driving$35 – $5003
Non-Moving Violations
Parking ViolationsVaries by area0
Equipment ViolationsVaries (0 with proof)0
License Plate ViolationsUp to $2000
Insurance ViolationsUp to $500Points vary
Other Traffic Violations
Leaving the Scene (property damage)$0 – $5006
Leaving the Scene (bodily injury)Up to $5,0006
No Valid License$30 – $5000
Driving with a Suspended License$60 – $5003

Moving Violations in Florida

Moving Violations in Florida

Moving violations in Florida encompass a range of infractions that occur while your vehicle is in motion.

Speeding Ticket Cost in Florida

Exceeding the speed limit can result in a speeding ticket in Florida. Penalties depend on how much you’re over the speed limit and if you’re in a designated area, like a school zone or construction zone. Speeding tickets in Florida range from $50 to $200, with points assessed to your driver’s license.

Speeding (MPH Over Limit)Fine Range (USD)License Points
6 – 9$129 – $2043
10 – 14$204 – $2793
15 – 19$254 – $3294
20 – 29$279 – $3544
30+$354 – $4294
Speeding Ticket Fine and License Points in Florida

The final speeding ticket cost slightly varies by county.

Running a Red Light or Stop Sign Cost in Florida

Failure to stop at a red light or stop sign often leads to a ticket and points on your license. Traffic cameras capture these offenses.

Running a red light with a red light camera usually costs $158 in Florida, which can increase to $262 if not paid after the first notification.

Running a stop sign in Florida can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, and the fine can be doubled if the violation occurs in a construction or school zone. Running a stop sign can result in up to two points against the driver’s license.

The penalties for running a steady red light in Florida range from $125 to $200, and three points are added to the driver’s record.

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Tailgating Violation Fine in Florida

Following too closely or tailgating is a ticketable offense in Florida. Drivers in Florida face fines and license points for tailgating offenses.

The initial fine for a first-time tailgating violation is $60 and Subsequent offenses lead to increased fine amounts. Tailgating results in 3 points added to the driver’s record. These points remain on record for 3 years before expiring.

Therefore, Florida drivers should be cautious about maintaining safe following distances when operating a motor vehicle, as multiple tailgating offenses over a short timeframe can lead to license suspension in addition to fines.

Improper Lane Change Fine in Florida

If you perform an improper lane change without signaling or safely changing lanes, you can receive a ticket with accompanying fines and points. Fines for improper lane changes range from $65 up to $300, with the specific fine amount determined by variables such as the county or municipality. An improper lane change violation will also results in 3 points added to the driver’s record. These points remain on the Florida driver’s record for 3 years from the violation date before expiring.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

A DUI is a serious criminal offense in Florida. If convicted, you face hefty fines, possible license suspension, and mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device.

DUI violation Fines vary based on your past history of DUI offenses. Here is the list of DUI offence fines in Florida.

  • First DUI Offense Fine in Florida: $500-$2,000. This range increases to $1,000-$4,000, if your BAC is above 0.15% or you have a minor in the car.
  • Second DUI Offense Fine in Florida: $1,000-$4,000, with a mandatory minimum of $1,000.
  • Third DUI Violation Fine in Florida: $2,000-$10,000, with a mandatory minimum of $2,000.

License Suspension period for DUI offense in Florida.

  • First DUI Offense: 6 months to 1 year.
  • Second DUI Offense: 1 year, with a possible extension up to 18 months.
  • Third DUI Offense: 3 years, with a possible extension of up to 10 years.

A DUI conviction itself does not add points to your driver’s license. But, it can lead to its suspension or revocation.

ViolationFine RangePoints
Speeding$50 – $200+3 – 4
Running Red Light/Stop Sign$75 – $2503 – 4
Tailgating$70 – $2003
Improper Lane Change$70 – $1503
DUI$500 – $2,000+6
Reckless Driving$25 to $5004
Careless Driving$35 – $5003

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a major offense with consequences that may include fines, points, and potentially even jail time for severe incidents.

Careless Driving

Careless driving tickets are issued for driving without due care and attention for others and can lead to fines and points on your license, as well as higher insurance rates.

Other Serious Moving Violations

Other serious infractions include racing, passing a school bus, and offenses leading to a driver’s license suspension or being labeled a habitual traffic offender.

Below is a table detailing potential fines and points for common moving violations:

Keep in mind, attending a driver improvement course may help reduce points and fines for some violations.

Non-Moving Violations in Florida

Non-moving violations in Florida include various offenses that don’t involve the motion of your vehicle. These infractions can result in fines and requirements to show proof of compliance to the state authorities.

Parking Violations

In Florida, illegal parking can result in a ticket and fines that vary by municipality. Expect to pay a penalty when you’ve parked in a no-parking zone, in front of a fire hydrant, or in a handicapped spot without proper authorization. Cities like Miami and Tampa have specific fine amounts that can be found on their respective websites or posted signage in regulated areas.

Equipment Violations

Equipment violations include issues with your vehicle’s condition, such as broken lights or a malfunctioning exhaust system. Your responsibility is to maintain your vehicle to meet safety standards and to provide proof of compliance once cited for an equipment violation, often nullifying the ticket.

License Plate Violations

Any problems associated with your vehicle’s license plates, such as expired plates or not having them properly displayed, can lead to fines. In Florida, you must carry a valid registration certificate in your vehicle at all times and display your registration sticker on your license plate.

Insurance Violations

Insurance violations involve failing to carry or present proof of insurance for your vehicle. Florida law requires that you have a minimum level of auto insurance. If caught without it, you may face fines and have an increase in your insurance rates. Continuous violations can significantly affect your insurance premium.

Below you can find a table summarizing the types of violations and their respective fines and points:

Violation TypeFine AmountPoints on License
Parking ViolationsVaries by area0
Equipment ViolationsVaries0 (with proof of compliance)
License Plate ViolationsUp to $2000
Insurance ViolationsUp to $500Points may vary depending on the incident

Remember, each of these violations may not only affect your wallet but could also lead to increased costs associated with your vehicle’s insurance and future coverage eligibilities. It’s key to your financial and legal well-being to adhere to all regulations.

Other Traffic Violations in Florida

In Florida, traffic violations go beyond speeding and running red lights; they also include serious offenses such as hit and runs, driving without a license, and operating a vehicle with a suspended license. The consequences of these violations can range from fines to points on your license, and in severe cases, felony charges.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Florida

If you leave the scene of an accident involving property damage, you can face penalties. It escalates to a felony if there’s bodily injury or death. You’re required to stop, provide information, and render aid if necessary. Failure to comply can result in fines, points on your license, and even imprisonment.

Driving Without a License in Florida

Driving without ever having been issued a license or no valid license, is illegal in Florida. Driving Without a License in Florida is considered a second-degree misdemeanor. Penalties for this offense include fines and a mark on your driving record. Repeated offenses can lead to escalated charges and penalties.

Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License

If you’re caught driving with a suspended or revoked license, expect significant consequences. Continuous violations can escalate to a felony charge with the possibility of imprisonment.

Here is a table summarizing the fines and penalty points for these violations:

ViolationFines (USD)Penalty Points
Leaving the Scene (property damage)$0 – $5006
Leaving the Scene (bodily injury)Up to $5,0006
No Valid License$30 – $5000
Driving w/ Suspended License$60 – $5003
(Note: Fines may vary based on the severity of the offense and prior convictions)  

Navigating traffic laws in Florida can be complex, especially when it comes to understanding various traffic violations and the associated fines. This section provides clear answers to common inquiries.

What are considered minor traffic violations in the state of Florida?

Minor traffic violations in Florida typically include non-criminal offenses, such as speeding slightly over the limit, failing to signal when changing lanes, and non-moving violations like parking infractions. These offenses can result in fines and points added to your driving record.

How are traffic misdemeanors categorized in Florida?

Traffic misdemeanors in Florida are more serious than minor violations and can include driving without a valid license, DUI, and reckless driving. These offenses often carry higher fines, possible jail time, and a higher point penalty on your driving record.

How can I check the points on my Florida driver’s license for free?

You can check the points on your Florida driver’s license without charge by visiting the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. Here, you can get your complete driving record, which includes your current point total.

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