Are you ready to finally pay your Florida traffic citation online?

If yes, follow the steps below.

Enter the citation number below and Select the County where the ticket was issued.

Select the right County; otherwise, your ticket number will not be available for online payment.

Did you know that in the Sunshine State, thousands of traffic citations are issued daily.

How to Pay a Florida Traffic Citation?

Paying your Florida traffic Citation onlines a quick and sance. Leexploreinto the streamlined process that makes clearing up your driving record a breeze.

Step-by-Step Guide

Pay Florida Ticket Online

Getting a traffic ticket is no fun, but paying for it in Florida can be simple. Follow these steps given and pay your ticket easily.

  1. Find your citation number on the traffic ticket
  2. Check out official payment page, to make your payment online.
  3. Choose the County where you got your ticket
  4. Each County has a different payment getaway page, once you select your County, the page will be redirected automatically
  5. Now, enter your citation number into the search box. This pulls up your specific traffic violation from the records
  6. Double-check all the information shown
  7. Select a payment method—credit card or debit card
  8. Once paid, save the confirmation page for your record

Options for handling a citation in Florida

Once you receive a traffic citation in Florida, you have a few options as per the state rules. You can simply pay your ticket, contest your ticket or take a driver improvement course.

Dive into our guide and discover what best aligns with your situation.

Contesting the Traffic citation

If you get a traffic ticket in Florida and think it’s not fair, you can fight it in court. This means you tell the judge that you are “not guilty” and explain why.

It’s important to know this is the only way to possibly not pay for the ticket and also not impact your driving record.

Make sure your reasons are solid and get prepared. Have good evidence or arguments that can help persuade the judge that you should not have received the citation. If the Judge is convinced, your ticket will be dismissed.

However, if you fail to convince the Judge your plea of not guilty, you will have to face additional court charges along with the ticket charges.

Choosing a driver course in Florida

Another Option is Driver improvement course which is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and it’s designed for all Florida drivers.

You won’t get points on your driver’s record if you pay your traffic citation and complete this 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course.

Without extra points on your driving record, insurance companies are less likely to hike your rates—some might increase premiums by as much as 10% if you just pay the fine and accept the points.

Using to Pay Traffic Tickets

Settle your traffic ticket online easily with and say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork or wasted time in long lines.

Benefits of using the PayFLClerk.Com

Paying your Florida traffic ticket is easier than ever before, thanks to online portals like This method saves you time and effort by allowing you to pay the ticket from the comfort of your home.

  • Save Time: You don’t have to drive to the court or stand in line. Just a few clicks and you’re done!
  • Access Anywhere: You can pay for your ticket online from anywhere in Florida, whether at home, at work, or on vacation.
  • Super Safe: Online payments are secure
  • No More Paper Checks: Paying online is quick and paperless.
  • Instant Process: Once you pay, the system updates right away
  • Open Always: The website is available 24/7

Can I take a Traffic School Course instead of Paying for my Ticket?

By choosing to elect yourself for a traffic school in Florida allows you not to accumulate demerit points on your driver’s record. However, this option is available after you have paid your ticket.

You can enroll to complete online traffic school. The portal will show you all the FDHSM-approved schools available. Completing this four-hour course will remove the points.

What happens if I don’t pay my Florida traffic ticket on time?

Paying your Florida traffic ticket after crossing the given deadline can lead to additional late fees. Always try to pay by the due date listed on your citation!

Contact and Support Details for PayFLClerk. com

If you need any support regarding your traffic citation, call (727) 464-4846. This is a 24/7 service number with automated assist to pay your ticket. Just follow the instructions as directed.

If you need any further assistance with specific information, kindly contact the County directly via their telephone number. The detailed information and phone numbers of each County are provided here:

Another option to find support is to visit the county courthouse.

If you get a traffic ticket in Florida, remember you have options. You can pay it quickly online or even fight it if you think you shouldn’t have gotten the ticket. Taking a driver improvement course might also be right for youthis could keep points off your license.

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